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Encounter, Community, Transformation

Link NZ

Whenua, Iwi, Wairua

Highway belongs to a wider network of churches throughout NZ called LinkNZ. The development and health of these churches is overseen by a team of national leaders co-ordinated by Fraser and Dale Hardy.

LINKNZ IS A NETWORK OF INSPIRATIONAL CHURCHES that are relational in nature and prophetic in spirit. Churches who love Jesus and desire to let His voice take the lead.

LinkNZ exists to connect churches and leaders throughout Aotearoa and beyond. The three key focusses of LinkNZ are whenua (land), iwi (people), and wairua (spirit), believing that our mission is weaved throughout Aotearoa’s sound and song.

Being part of the LinkNZ whānau means we are committed to journeying with others in a relational and accountable manner. We believe that churches benefit from a wider perspective that comes from being connected to others beyond their own local settings.

Fraser & Dale Hardy