Encounter, Community, Transformation

Belief: All of life is deeply spiritual and meant to be lived in a community.

Purpose: We support each other to bring reconciliation, justice, beauty and wholeness to individuals, families and communities.

Form: We are a spiritual whānau, not an organisation, that provides intentional mentoring for a purposeful and enriching lifestyle. 

Three SIGNPOSTS provide direction for Highway and challenge us to embrace radical and innovative thinking

Encounter - We will create opportunities to deeply encounter God, to be real and authentic in our relationships and to encounter the culture of tangata whenua and tangata tiriti.

Community - We join the community of heaven and live as a community where each person plays a vital part in shaping our future. We cooperate as a community with other Christians and work to develop relationships between tangata whenua and tangata tiriti.

Transformation - We will allow God to bring transformation in our lives so that we can be a catalyst for transformation in our community and between tangata whenua and tangata tiriti.